Untitled VR Project

Digital Myths | 2015-17


Berserk Project

Kentaro Miura | 2013


Beyond the Dead

Gree | 2012


Robot Breakdancer commercial

Dreadnaught Digital | 2011


Heavy Metal Movie Project

Kevin Eastman, David Fincher | 2009



Propaganda | 2008


Hiya, I'm Kev and I'm a concept

artist and character designer.

Born and raised in Edmonton, AB, I dreamed of being an artist while playing videogames, reading comics and watching cartoons all through my childhood.  Instead I got a Business degree at the U of A. 

With ZERO interest in pursuing a career in Business, I entered art school in hopes of finally becoming an artist.


After graduation, I become a journeyman artist in Europe.  I learned to paint and developed a deep appreciation for fine art.  After a stint in London, UK I returned to Canada and signed up with Bioware.  But the allure of west coast living was too much to deny and I proceeded west. 


I started work at Radical Entertainment and then moved on to a long 7 year tenure at Capcom.  Currently, I am at the Coalition MS working on some fun stuff that I can't really talk about. More to come...  

About me...


Dead Rising 4

Capcom | 2016-17


Dead Rising 3

Capcom | 2013


Prototype 2

Activision | 2012



Activision | 2009



Bioware | 2007



Ignition | 2006

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